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    KÖVET (József Attila Study and Information Centre - SZTE TIK) - Green Commando Private

    SZTE TIK employees voluntarily joined together in order to renew the building of University of Szeged Business and Operation Management (GMF) and turn it "green" within two days of hard work. The building was constructed in the 1960s, it is metal-based with malfunctioning windows and doors,...

    KÖVET (Dreher Breweries) - Discouraging irresponsible drinking Private

    Our company's marketing and commercial activities go beyond laws with the practice of self-regulation, strengthening ethical conduct. Beyond responsible communication we strive to support consumers' proper decisions, by providing information and encouraging social dialogue. Dreher Breweries was...

    KÖVET (Audi Hungaria) - Complex action-programme for bio-diversity Private

    To solve the above mentioned problems, Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. has launched a complex bio-diversity action-program. The action-program contains arrangements within and outside the company as well. The inner arrangements were the following: in 2008, the company carried out a complex...

    Novo Nordisk - Materiality filter for integrated reporting Private

    Objectives of the solution:

    • Identify company’s key material non-financial performance;
    • Address company’s most significant material issues;
    • Having substantial information to make decisions including social and environmental performance at management level;

    Implementation process:

    The material...

    Solvay - Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) Private
    Objectives of the solution:
    The developed methodology at Solvay aims to assess and visualize, at strategic level, two potential aspects of its Business portfolio :
    • The monetized  risk related to the environmental impact of the  manufacturing  of its products;
    • The extent to which its...
    Novo Nordisk - Integrated reporting and integrated assurance – financial and non-financial information Private

    Objectives of the solution:

    The integrated reporting format was introduced to enhance Novo Nordisk's financial valuation and to explore the relationship between financial and non-financial performance. More broadly, the objectives of Novo Nordisk's reporting efforts have both an external and an...

    Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena - Sustainability Tree Matrix (STM) Private

    Objectives of the solution :

    • Measuring and tracking non-financial information;
    • Stimulating performance in non-financial areas;
    • Helping on the better understanding of the connection between financial and non-financial performance;
    • Helping on integrating non-financial information into...
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    Impronta Etica (Unipol Gruppo) - Partnership with Libera Private

    The support to Libera and Libera Terra Cooperatives is developed through 3 main channels:

    1. The campaign "Un euro per polizza “ involves customers thanks to the contribution of  one euro for each insurance contract signed by referring to agreements with organizations historically  linked to...
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    Impronta Etica (Unipol Gruppo) - Partner for sustainability Private

    Within the on-line portal, suppliers and other companies work together to combine competitiveness and eco-efficiency through the sharing of experiences and the discussion about how to implement initiatives to reduce consumption of resources and monitor CO2 emission. 

    At present, the suppliers...