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    KÖVET (DENSO Manufacturing) - Pupils with green eyes Private

    In 2002 some environmental experts of the industrial companies in Székesfehérvár initiated a cooperation with the aim to change experience, to inform each other and to cooperate with representatives of the services and authorities. Within the scope of this there were some meetings quarterly....

    KÖVET (Municipality of Budapest) - Faluház (Villagehouse) Private

    • A complete statical, constructional and sociological evaluation of the chosen apartment buildings.
    • Preparation of building permission for the energy efficiency renovations
    • The completion of all renovation work in the whole building
    • Completion of energy efficiency measurements...

    KÖVET (Audi Hungaria) - EMAS Roundtable Private

    Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. developed the EMAS-Round-table in 2007 as a common forum for the interested. The establishment of the Round-table had more aims. On one hand, the aim was to develop a platform, where all the affected parties can represent themselves in connection with the EMAS system,...

    BITC UK - European Employee Volunteering Awards (EEVA) Private

    Working with 21 partners of their CSR360 Global Partner Network the awards aimed to recognize company’s employee volunteering programmes that improved the employability skills of people facing barriers to work.

    The European Employee Volunteering Awards us supported by a consortium of expert...

    BITC UK - CSR360 Global Partner Network Private

    The two key objectives of the CSR360 GPN strategy are:

    • Knowledge sharing and capacity building for its Network Partners
    • Building the movement of companies committed to improving their positive impact on responsible business practice globally

    All partners operate as honest brokers,...

    KÖVET (Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company) - Wake Your Body Program Private

    Our company is committed to the principle of shared responsibility. We believe that a situation that has been evolving in time due to several factors, which is affecting the majority of the population, can only be changed in collaboration with long-term programs designed with a strategic outlook...

    Hellenic Network for CSR (Emporiki Bank of Greece) - Voluntary Blood Donation Private

    Objective: Voluntary Blood Donation. The procedure is simple:

    • Every year Emporiki Bank of Greece is organizing 2 regular and 1-2 extraordinary blood takings, at corporate premises, with the participation of employees and in collaboration with state hospitals.
    • HR circulates a CORPORATE...
    Hellenic Network for CSR (Lidl Hellas & SIA OE) - Our work Private

    This is a sample of what Lidl Hellas do in the area of CSR:

    • Lidl Hellas works with local authorities and NGO’s informing students at schools about a healthy balance diet. Balance diet and daily exercise is necessary, especially for young children, since at that age the foundation of healthy...
    Hellenic Network for CSR (EuroCharity) - Certified Carbon Neutrality through the CO2 Neutral Seal - a Quality Assurance Label Private

    The CO2 Neutral Seal is an innovative range of fully-transparent, high-quality and reliable carbon management services, for GHG emissions created from corporate or private IT usage, events and business operations. The certificates that are being issued are generated based on holistic approaches,...

    KÖVET (ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ-MÁSZ) - Energy Saving - Energy School Program Private

    Energy Saving Program objectives are to raise awareness among adults regarding the economic benefits of choosing and using energy conscious technologies when buying new products. In addition, integrating the idea of energy consciousness into shopping motivations represents another goal for this...