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    L'Oréal - Diversity Training for Managers Private

    Since the end of 2006, a specific diversity training program is being rolled-out to 8000 managers in Europe.

    This training aims to involve, give responsibility to and help managers in implementing the Group's diversity policy by clarifying the Diversity concept and issues for L'OREAL, by helping...

    L'Oréal - Internal and external communication as a lever for diversity Private

    L'Oreal communicates its global policy and specific internal and external actions put in place.

    Internally, the classic tools (intranet website,  message boards...) are used but there are also dedicated tools: a graphic rule and an internal magazine : Respect Magazine is issued once a year. It...

    L'Oréal - 1st Diversity Report Private

    Through this 1st Diversity Report, L'Oréal aims to:

    - develop a tool to manage Diversity policy and a forum for internal and external discussion

    - demonstrate  the originality and innovativity of L'Oréal's role in the field of Diversity

    - share its practices with other companies


    Sony - Television for the Blind Private

    Audio Description is an additional narrative soundtrack for blind or partially sighted people.  During gaps in programme dialogue, an additional voice explains visual plot points, enabling visually impaired people to follow the storyline more fully.

    Audio Description is available on a variety...

    BNP Paribas Fortis - LINGOT = LightING On Telephone Private

    At the start of the project, lighting was on in the complete building from 6 am until 22 pm. Thanks to Lingot standard lighting timing could be reduced with 5.5 hours, from 7.30 am until 17h30 pm. Additionally holidays could be programmed as well, avoiding any manual interventions.

    As the major...

    International Personal Finance - Employee and Agent Engagement Project Private

    An Employee and Agent Engagement survey is conducted across the company every two years, coves 7 countries, and approximately 4,800 employees and 26,000 agents are given the opportunity to participate.  To ensure confidentiality, the survey is conducted and results analysed by an external...

    BNP Paribas Fortis - Developing CSR related products in each business line Private

    In each business line we invite 5 to 10 persons to discuss sustainable development and CSR during a first session. We provide them with some guidelines to initiate the discussion (on such topics as Clean & Efficient Energy, Clean Water & Air, Waste & Resource Management, Sustainable Building &...