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    Groupe Caisse d'Epargne - The CORDE SME tool Private

    To offer a dedicated and adapted tool that enables SMEs to initiate a structured sustainable development process. This tool includes 28 forms divided into 6 fields that cover all CSR topics:

    • Corporate Governance
    • Customers and Suppliers
    • Human Rights
    • Environment
    • Human Resources
    • Societal...
    Telecom Italia - Progetto Welfare for Work-life Balance Private

    As a response, Telecom Italia began to reform its long established welfare system to make it more efficient and respondent to their employees’ needs.


    Telecom Italia took a twofold approach:

    • Identify initiatives to promote work-life balance

    • Rationalise the company’s welfare...

    Telecom Italia - The value of Intangibles Private

    To cope with this issue, Telecom Italia launched a project in partnership with Bocconi University in Milan called "The intangibles": a bridge between financial and non financial performance in the telecommunications sector".


    The project has two different phases: In phase 1 (concluded in 2004)...

    Alpro - Sustainable Supply Chain Management in the Food Sector Private

    Building on the societal values from its founder, Philippe Vandemoortele, Alpro developed a comprehensive partnership with its suppliers in Brazil that has grown over the years. Today, it involves many different steps.

    First, Alpro works continuously with the same farmers and assures the uptake...

    Vattenfall - Climate Map 2030 Private

    As an energy producing company, Vattenfall is committed to find solutions for carbon emissions reduction. In co-operation with McKinsey, Vattenfall analyzed the possibilities to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 2030.

    The analysis revealed significant potential for limiting actual emissions. In...

    Vodafone - Safe and Responsible use of Mobile Phone Private

    Vodafone has created a mini-website to explain to children, through a game/questionnaire, with the help of a nice character called "Trillo", how to use the mobile phone in a safe and correct way. At the end of the game, children can download a screensaver for their phone or the Trillo ring...

    Canon - Canon's WWF Polar Bear Project Private

    The polar bear is under threat from climate change. There are more than 22,000 polar bears in the Arctic, but this will change if the Arctic continues to warm at twice the rate as the rest of the world.

    Polar bear scientists are now predicting that more than 30 per cent of polar bears will...

    Intesa Sanpaolo - Banca Prossima Private

    It operates with two dedicated branches, 60 financial shops with 100 professional relationship managers all over Italy and the availability of basic service at all 6,000 branches of Intesa Sanpaolo retail network.

    The solution to this problem was the creation of a bank (independent legal entity...

    Enel - The Sustainability Meter Private

    With the Sustainability Meter included in Enel's new sustainability website, the company is able to give a virtual voice for the all stakeholders.

    In order to appraise the company, the stakeholder must answer 24 questions which are equally divided among issues regarding economic, social and...

    BITC UK (O2) - The O2 Letterbox Private

    O2 has joined forces with Nokia to reduce the impact of the delivery of mobile phones on the environment through packaging and to deliver a unique environmental experience for its customers. The partnership between O2 and Nokia has resulted in the design of a mobile phone box, which fits through...