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    BITC Ireland (Abbott) - Life Navigation Private
    • Abbott benchmarked best practices across Europe and identified a Life Navigation organisation in Denmark to create an innovative programme for Abbott, comprising a 15-hour course, physical changes to office space, and office culture changes. The programme challenges the industrial mindset...
    BITC Ireland (Telefónica O2) - Block It Private

    Block It is designed to combat bullying on mobile phones.  It works by blocking unwanted text, picture and video messages from other mobile phone numbers.  The service is free of charge to O2 customers.  It can block messages sent from any Irish mobile phone operator and will work on any...

    Microsoft - Child Online Safety (European Employee Volunteering Initiative) Private

    We share the belief that it is everyone's responsibility - from teachers and parents, to governments and industry - to play a role in equipping children with the know-how and the tools to protect themselves online and to make their internet experience a safe and enjoyable one.

    Responding to a...

    Sanofi-Aventis - New Citizens, New Patients Private

    New Citizens, New Patients is a pioneering initiative on infectious diseases prevention aimed at the immigrant population in Spain. It was developed by the Tropical Medicine department of the Ramon y Cajal Hospital in partnership with Sanofi-Aventis.

    The project consists mainly of informative...

    Danone - Attention to individuals as a lever of performance Private

    The establishment of wellbeing policies targeted at older employees is based on a quantitative and qualitative diagnosis focused on employees’ age, as well as on Danone’s “senior handbook”. The diagnosis and action plan are also established based on individual interviews, statistics and...

    BLF Serbia (Atlantic Group) - ATLA-NOVA Private

    In 2009 the company responded to this challenge through “ATLA-NOVA“ a specialized programme for recruiting and training new employees. The aim of this program is to strengthen activities that effect corporate culture, to strengthen the feeling of togetherness and belonging, to get a broader...

    Impronta Etica logo
    Impronta Etica (C.M.B. Società Cooperativa Muratori e Braccianti di Carpi) - Safe for job Private

    The company respond to the challenge through the implementation of an Integrated Management System to ensure quality, safety and the environment. This management system improved personal safety behaviours through:

    • Encouraging the safety culture and by making workers aware of the possible...
    KÖVET (GE) - Bridge of Health Partner Chain Private

    As the owner of a bank and the largest engineering company of Hungary with 13,000 employees and also with GE Healthcare, a business underpinning its professional competency, GE responded to this challenge through developing a large-scale, innovative health-awareness program, the PartnerChain,...

    KÖVET (Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary Ltd.) - How to be transparent? Corporate tools to ensure transparency Private

    This company responded to this challenge by the preparation of financial and sustainability results (Group Annual Report and Sustainability Report) which are available to employees and the public.

    The Hungarian Grundfos company came second after the German production company, decided to present...

    KÖVET (MOL Group) - Safety on Roads Private

    The company responded to this challenge through minimizing the need for transportation by:

    • Implementation of video and phone conferences.
    • Thrive for rational travel planning.
    • Updated policy to limit vehicle applications.
    • Implementation of “defensive driving training” to...