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    KÖVET (Dreher Breweries) - Transparently about us Private

    We have not started to think about our environmental and social impact. However, after our award-winning 2004 Environmental Report, we have reached a point where we would like to inform our stakeholders about our results and plans.

    Our Sustainability Report, besides enhancing transparency, has...

    BITC UK - European Employee Volunteering Awards (EEVA) Private

    Working with 21 partners of their CSR360 Global Partner Network the awards aimed to recognize company’s employee volunteering programmes that improved the employability skills of people facing barriers to work.

    The European Employee Volunteering Awards us supported by a consortium of expert...

    Office Depot- Advance, evaluate and deepen CSR in line with core business strategy by integrating key performance indicators Private

    First there was a need to define KPIs in different areas. This process is very lengthy and requires expertise as well as strategic agreement.

    Together with the CEO, the CSR manager needs to develop 2020 Strategy agreement. The idea is to have a global strategy that would disperse the CSR KPIs...