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    Solvay involvement in EU working Council for sustainable development Private

    Solvay`s Board of Directors saw the European Works Council as a good partner to build such a long-term relationship with workers. In 2010, a permanent Sustainability Working group consisting of 10 members and focusing on sustainable development was set up in Solvay’s European Working Council...

    Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs Private

    The initiative will help young European business leaders of tomorrow turn their dreams into reality. Through the Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs initiative Hyundai will provide financial support to those participants developing business plans with strong potential to become ‘real’ businesses....

    Danone Social Network Private

    Danone Social Network (DSN) is a professional social network with similar functionalities as public social networks: profile page, home page with feeds, ability to add people in one's network, communities and a wide range of tools to share different kind of content (questions, files, bookmarks,...

    Materiality Assessment Private
    • In 2006, Titan launched the programme of independent assessment of sustainability performance
    • In 2007, the first round of materiality workshops with internal stakeholders  was organised
    • In 2008, the first Stakeholder Forum following AA1000 AS was organised by TITAN in Greece and the feedback...
    Unipol sustainable value certified insurance products Private

    Unipol has developed, along with Bureau Veritas , an experimental certificate of life insurance products. The certificate was developed with investment products UnipolSai Investimento Garantito, Investimento Capital One, and UnipolSai...

    Michelin governance structure sustainability integration Private

    Michelin consolidated the governance structure, by creating an 11-member Sustainable Council chaired by the CEO, a Sustainable Operating Committee and an internal global network. In addition, the company sets six quantifiable targets for 2020 in order to intensify its efforts to promote...

    Better Coal Initiative – defining standards – refining practice Private

    BetterCoal was established by a group of major coal buyers to promote continuous improvement of corporate responsibility in the coal supply chain. More specifically, it aims to positively impact on the livelihoods of communities and to promote continuous improvement in the areas of ethical,...

    Materiality Assessment Private

    The Coca Cola Hellenic sustainability team conducted a materiality assessment process developed in line with the Global Reporting Initiative G4 Guidelines, and represented issues in a materiality matrix using three different dimensions to determine the importance of issues.

    First the company...

    Nature Stakeholders Board Private

    Since 2010, Danone organized its Nature strategic thinking with an external expert panel, opinion leaders and NGO (Nature Stakeholders Board) to set a long time course, considering as essential to take into account their opinion.

    RESPECT Initiative Private

    The RESPECT program launched in 2005 extends the “dual economic and social project” to the group’s entire supply chain, except milk producers, following a specific process:

    • including the Sustainable Development Principles (social, environmental and ethics) in supplier contracts and/or...