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    Internal Social Media Platform - Internal Communication about CR Private

    Our objective is to create a broader organisational focus on innovation and collaboration across State Street. Our goals are to achieve sustainable revenue growth through innovation and support the broader State Street transformation program. Collaborate is designed to enable State Street...

    RESPECT Initiative Private

    The RESPECT program launched in 2005 extends the “dual economic and social project” to the group’s entire supply chain, except milk producers, following a specific process:

    • including the Sustainable Development Principles (social, environmental and ethics) in supplier contracts and/or...

    Vattenfall - Climate Map 2030 Private

    As an energy producing company, Vattenfall is committed to find solutions for carbon emissions reduction. In co-operation with McKinsey, Vattenfall analyzed the possibilities to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 2030.

    The analysis revealed significant potential for limiting actual emissions. In...

    Business & Society Belgium (Sodexo) - Used Cooking Oil (UCO) Private

    Sodexo operates in 80 countries worldwide and employs some 380,000 employees on tens of thousands of sites. While Sodexo’s environmental impact is modest compared to other large organisations in other industries, the company is very conscious of its impact, responsibility, and the...

    KPMG - Sustainable Travel Private

    KPMG conducted an employee survey on commuting habits. The survey results helped with the development of a Travel Plan which aims to shift travel behaviour from single occupancy car use to more sustainable travel alternatives, with particular reference to walking and cycling, the most...

    BLF Serbia (Erste Bank) - Corporate volunteer programme Private

    The Bank has addressed this challenge through integrating corporate volunteering within its business practice and established clear principles and procedures for the implementation of volunteer activities in order to encourage its employees to participate and then initiate new actions...

    KÖVET (Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary Ltd.) - CO2 Footprint reduction Private

    The company responded to the challenge by committing to not exceeding the CO2 emission level of 2008 and focusing towards becoming a carbon neutral company.

    Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary operates ISO 14001 environment management system and energy consumption was earlier identified as a...

    KÖVET (Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary Ltd.) - How to be transparent? Corporate tools to ensure transparency Private

    This company responded to this challenge by the preparation of financial and sustainability results (Group Annual Report and Sustainability Report) which are available to employees and the public.

    The Hungarian Grundfos company came second after the German production company, decided to present...

    KÖVET (Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary Ltd) - Volunteering for a good cause Private

    Grundfos provides a special pump from its own product range that is operated by wind or solar energy for communities who can access only contaminated water within 2km range. Pumps are partly financed by employee donations, company sources and charity funds.

    Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary...

    KÖVET (Inest Non-profit KFT) - Tissue Paper from Recycled Office Paper Private

    The objective of the solution is to collect the papers, documents from offices and use them as raw material for tissue paper production. INEST provides collection boxes free of charge and offers free collections for companies in Hungary.