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    Internal Social Media Platform - Internal Communication about CR Private

    Our objective is to create a broader organisational focus on innovation and collaboration across State Street. Our goals are to achieve sustainable revenue growth through innovation and support the broader State Street transformation program. Collaborate is designed to enable State Street...

    Social and environmental profit and loss account Private

    NS conducted an environmental and social-economic impact analysis in cooperation with the external auditor KPMG in order to mitigate such negative externalities with a view to achieve the long-term goal stated above.

    It developed a methodology based on externalities throughout the customer...

    Materiality Analysis Private

    Global Assessment, conducted by external party (Sustainserv)

    • Stakeholder Mapping:
      • State Street has defined its key stakeholders as: Community, clients, shareholders, employees
      • For the present materiality analysis the following stakeholders were added to the list: regulatory, government...
    Better Coal Initiative – defining standards – refining practice Private

    BetterCoal was established by a group of major coal buyers to promote continuous improvement of corporate responsibility in the coal supply chain. More specifically, it aims to positively impact on the livelihoods of communities and to promote continuous improvement in the areas of ethical,...

    Groupe Caisse d'Epargne - The CORDE SME tool Private

    To offer a dedicated and adapted tool that enables SMEs to initiate a structured sustainable development process. This tool includes 28 forms divided into 6 fields that cover all CSR topics:

    • Corporate Governance
    • Customers and Suppliers
    • Human Rights
    • Environment
    • Human Resources
    • Societal...
    Forética (Caja Navarra) - Civic Account: Do You Know How Much Your Bank Earns from You? Private

    The solution consists of creating a new right for customers, the right to know the profit Caja Navarra obtains from them as individuals as well as how much their contributions are to the social projects.  In support of this the company has decided to send each of Caja Navarra's 650,000...

    Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena - Granting the Underserved - Financial solutions supporting social inclusion Private

    MPS believes that working with the underserved potential customers is key to enhancing and valuing its customer base, which is a core strategic objective of the Business Plan ending in 2009.  Therefore some specific workshops were developed to address financial inclusion.  Dialogue and...

    Telecom Italia - Intelligent Transport Systems: A Cooperative Model to Improve Sustainability Private

    The telecommunications sector can play a significant role in developing technologies and promoting behaviour that reduce greenhouse gases. Communications technology is increasingly being integrated in the development and deployment of innovative Intelligent Transport System (ITS)...

    Telecom Italia - MYDoctor@Home Private

    Telecom Italia’s eHealth initiative, MYDoctor@Home addresses the abovementioned challenges. Telecom Italia’s eHealth strategy aims to innovate the healthcare system. The core of this strategy is the development of the "eHealth Connecting Platform". The platform is meant to create a...

    KPMG - How KPMG Ensures Active Partcipation in Cross Border CSR Programmes. Private

    KPMG Values state that each member firm is "Committed to our Communities" . To reinforce our commitment, KPMG International has had a board member responsible for CSR policy since 2006. With 113,000 people around the world, KPMG member firms make a critical contribution to the world every day...