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    Social and environmental profit and loss account Private

    NS conducted an environmental and social-economic impact analysis in cooperation with the external auditor KPMG in order to mitigate such negative externalities with a view to achieve the long-term goal stated above.

    It developed a methodology based on externalities throughout the customer...

    KÖVET (Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary Ltd.) - How to be transparent? Corporate tools to ensure transparency Private

    This company responded to this challenge by the preparation of financial and sustainability results (Group Annual Report and Sustainability Report) which are available to employees and the public.

    The Hungarian Grundfos company came second after the German production company, decided to present...

    KÖVET (MagNet Bank) - Mentor and Sphere deposit and loan products Private

    MagNet Hungarian Community Bank has responded to this challenge through the development of its Mentor and Sphere deposit and loan products. This is a new form of conscious and responsible savings and investments

    Holders of Sphere deposits can choose a loan option (spheres) that is promoted by...

    KÖVET (MagNet Bank) - MagNet customers’ contribution to the Bank’s annual profit Private

    The Bank responded to this challenge through calculating and making available to its customers the amount of their contribution to the Bank’s annual profit to provide the customer with the opportunity to distribute 10% of the Bank’s annual profit among civil organizations and major civil...

    KÖVET (Municipality of Szekesfehervar) - Responsible for the community! Responsible for Fehervar Private

    The challenge has been addressed through the program developed by the president of the Healthy Soul and Healthy Body Association (PR and marketing communications counselor of the Mayor of Szekesfehervar). The initiative focuses on three key areas: environment, sustainability, health promotion,...

    KÖVET (Tesco) - Regional Suppliers’ Forum – Local Products on Tesco Shelves Private
    • Since launching the programme, we have held three regional fora, generally in regions encompassing 3-4 counties.
    • In order to reach local SMEs, we relied on the help of local chambers of commerce and industry, and regional ITD offices, and the support of county governments.
    • Attendance...
    Telefónica - Telefónica Ability Awards Private

    The Telefónica Ability Awards give recognition to companies and institutions that develop sustainable business models that include persons with disabilities in the value creation chain, whether as employees, providers and/or customers. At the same time these awards allow candidates to spread...

    KÖVET (Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company) - Water stewardship environmental program “Mission Water” Private


    Through its initiative the program aims to:

    • Inform and sensitize the general public on the current situation and proper water management
    • Mitigate the water shortage issue in Greek areas where the problem is more intense by implementing constructive projects
    • Protect and...
    MVO Nederland (Van Houtum) - Satino Black Cradle to cradle washroom solutions Private

    We provide Cradle to Cradle washroom solutions (brand name Satino Black) to help customers to easily transform their washroom to the most eco-friendly in the world:   innovative technologies ensure a unique combination of quality, image and user-friendliness with the most environmentally...

    KÖVET (Budapest Bank) - Inclusive workplace Private

    With the opening of the Bank Operations Center in Békéscsaba and the creation of quality jobs, Budapest Bank has greatly contributed to the development of the city and the region. We have managed to form an exemplary and continuous cooperation with the local Labor and Training Center: they...