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    Internal Social Media Platform - Internal Communication about CR Private

    Our objective is to create a broader organisational focus on innovation and collaboration across State Street. Our goals are to achieve sustainable revenue growth through innovation and support the broader State Street transformation program. Collaborate is designed to enable State Street...

    L'Oréal - Internal and external communication as a lever for diversity Private

    L'Oreal communicates its global policy and specific internal and external actions put in place.

    Internally, the classic tools (intranet website,  message boards...) are used but there are also dedicated tools: a graphic rule and an internal magazine : Respect Magazine is issued once a year. It...

    L'Oréal - 1st Diversity Report Private

    Through this 1st Diversity Report, L'Oréal aims to:

    - develop a tool to manage Diversity policy and a forum for internal and external discussion

    - demonstrate  the originality and innovativity of L'Oréal's role in the field of Diversity

    - share its practices with other companies


    BLF Serbia (Erste Bank) - Corporate volunteer programme Private

    The Bank has addressed this challenge through integrating corporate volunteering within its business practice and established clear principles and procedures for the implementation of volunteer activities in order to encourage its employees to participate and then initiate new actions...

    Randstad - Gender Equality European Standard Private

    A group of multinational companies (Randstad, PSA-Peugeot Citroen, BNP Parisbas, General Electric Energy, L’Oreal and Orange) developed in cooperation with Arborus ( endowment fund for professional gender equality in Europe) and the European authorities a unique standard for European as well...

    Telefónica - Telefónica Ability Awards Private

    The Telefónica Ability Awards give recognition to companies and institutions that develop sustainable business models that include persons with disabilities in the value creation chain, whether as employees, providers and/or customers. At the same time these awards allow candidates to spread...

    KÖVET (Dreher Breweries) - Transparently about us Private

    We have not started to think about our environmental and social impact. However, after our award-winning 2004 Environmental Report, we have reached a point where we would like to inform our stakeholders about our results and plans.

    Our Sustainability Report, besides enhancing transparency, has...