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    Internal Social Media Platform - Internal Communication about CR Private

    Our objective is to create a broader organisational focus on innovation and collaboration across State Street. Our goals are to achieve sustainable revenue growth through innovation and support the broader State Street transformation program. Collaborate is designed to enable State Street...

    Orange internal CSR certification training Private

    To help them understand CSR principles and management processes, Orange decided to set a certification process with Kedge, a business school engaged in corporate social responsibility, based in France (Marseille and Bordeaux).


    • Understanding the theoretical markers of SD and CSR,...
    Youth at Work Private

    After the Dutch government raised concerns over the levels of youth unemployment the ambassador for youth employment, Mirjam Sterk, announced that she would cut the number of young people out of work and she signed a deal with Randstad to launch the Youth Looking for Work programme.


    Implementation of Sustainability Strategy across the business Private

    First step was to get buy-in to the overall sustainability strategy direction from the President & CEO and then, with his support, his senior management team. The heads of all business units and functions are part of that team and nominated a contact person in each unit for liaison with the...

    Social and environmental profit and loss account Private

    NS conducted an environmental and social-economic impact analysis in cooperation with the external auditor KPMG in order to mitigate such negative externalities with a view to achieve the long-term goal stated above.

    It developed a methodology based on externalities throughout the customer...

    Corporate Responsibility Barometer Private

    AXA’s Corporate Responsibility (CR) assessment tool enables the company to accurately monitor its CR performance, or “maturity”, on both local and group levels. This tool analyses over 70 factors over a wide range of CR-related criteria such as corporate governance, risk management,...

    Integrated Reporting Private
    1. Establishment of an integrated strategy and governance structure allowing for mainstreaming CSR in  business, top management oversight, control and buy in, as well as transversal cooperation.
    • GROUP CSR Department: Maintain and further develop the CSR mentality at TITAN Group by shaping and...
    External Risk Assessment Private

    ESG risk assessment is performed annually by an executive in our risk division. The topics assessed are pulled from key performance indicators but also from the Global Reporting Initiative. The assessment is performed externally by MSCI and discussed in full detail within our CR governance...

    Enel CSR e-learning course UN PRIME Private

    Enel Foundation and UN PRiME (United Nation's network Principles for Responsible Management Education), in collaboration with Enel University, are working together to deploy an e-learning tool focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles and disseminate it among international...

    Materiality Analysis Private

    Global Assessment, conducted by external party (Sustainserv)

    • Stakeholder Mapping:
      • State Street has defined its key stakeholders as: Community, clients, shareholders, employees
      • For the present materiality analysis the following stakeholders were added to the list: regulatory, government...