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SDG Masterclass, How Your Company Can Advance SDGs and Grow?

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The tailor-made format helps companies to link their business strategy to the Sustainable Development Goals, tackling education, collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing.

Although Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide solid business opportunities, companies’ awareness remains limited and their potential untapped. As highlighted in CSR Europe’s 2018 White Paper “Collaboration for Impact”, the gap between a company’s good intentions and meaningful action around SDGs persists. While on average 72% of associations embed sustainability on a strategic level, only 35% put those policies into practice in the form of impact projects.

To help companies closing the gap, CSR Europe has developed the SDG Masterclass. The tailor-made format aims at increasing a company’ SDGs engagement by addressing four areas: education, collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing. The Masterclass is delivered not only to network of companies but also to sector associations and their national associations. At the end of the SDG Masterclass you will have built the necessary capacity to tackle SDGs within your own business. The workshop, based on interactive learning, will help you defining common challenges and opportunities to drive impact. Together with your peers, you will co-create solutions and kick-start collaboration for a sustainability strategy, roadmap, or action plan.

The SDG Masterclass is an on-demand service that can be requested to help you link your business strategy to the SDGs.


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SDG Masterclass for Companies & Sectors



Joanne Houston

Project Manager