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SDG Incubator workshop: Big Data for Sustainable Development

Added on 01-12-2017

CSR Europe invites members to a practical discussion on the possible direction for the SDG incubator on Big Data for Sustainable Development.

Big data and big data analytics represent a fast-advancing field, opening the doors to opportunities in many contexts. In most of these contexts, data is an important asset for monitoring and driving decision making. Hence, big data applications represent a valuable resource also for the monitoring and achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). While numerous initiatives are taking place to make the best of this resource, there are still several challenges encountered by stakeholders, e.g. access, security and privacy, use, etc.

In this setting, through the SDG Incubator initiative, CSR Europe is currently exploring areas of collaboration to activate practical application of big data with interested members and in cooperation with relevant stakeholders. The goal being developing a pilot initiative to then scale-up and replicate.

CSR Europe welcomes members and experts to join the workshop on the February 13. The meeting will be an opportunity to learn from current initiatives and discuss with experts and practitioners the possibility of practical engagement and actions following the workshop.

The main objectives of this meeting are to:

  • Learn more about the opportunities of leveraging big data for sustainable development;
  • Gather experiences through experts’ presentations and companies’ case studies;
  • Engage in action-oriented discussion on solutions to address the SDGs through the application of big data analysis