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Samsung reveals impact of three year digital classrooms programme

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Samsung has announced the research findings from teachers and 3,000 pupils across the UK who have participated in its Digital Classroom programme over the past three years.

Samsung has been supporting education as a global cause since 2013 and the Digital Classroom initiative was launched in order to explore the impact technology has on teaching and learning, helping to address the digital skills gap in the UK.

Feedback from the schools participating in the programme reveals that pupils demonstrated high engagement with lessons, were more motivated and showed marked improvement in grade attainment. Teacher confidence also improved and teaching practices changed over time, with children increasingly able to work independently and collaboratively.

The three-year initiative has involved establishing Digital Classrooms in 15 primary schools in challenging circumstances across the UK. Students and teachers were equipped with a suite of classroom technology including tablets, Chromebooks, laptops and an interactive whiteboard, as well as providing key training for teachers and ongoing technical support, to create an enhanced learning environment.

The research findings underpin Samsung’s belief that the provision of technology acts as a facilitator for fueling natural curiosity and a desire to learn.

Bringing technology into the classroom had a positive influence on pupils’ digital skill development, enhancing their learning experience and increasing pupil collaboration and confidence:

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