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Roundtable: EU Policies 2017-2019 - how will the EU and companies mutually influence and challenge each other?

Added on 20-01-2017

2016 has been a year where a number of key EU initiatives related to sustainability came into life and impacted the way companies deliver products and services, pushing towards more transparency, investment in the skills of young people, attention to human rights and circular models.

All this is happening against a global backdrop, where the implementation of the COP21 Paris agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals will engage the EU to take further action.

Given this background, CSR Europe will organise a meeting with members to:

  • Present the strategic direction decided by the new Board of CSR Europe* to you for shaping the relationship between CSR Europe and the EU institutions in 2017- 2019;
  • Provide you with smart information and key interpretation regarding EU policy initiatives that could impact your company in the near future;
  • Give you the opportunity to (1) share and discuss your companies’ top concerns, expectations and priorities in relation to current and future EU developments and (2) clarify how CSR Europe can support you in the coming year.


Please note that this event is for CSR Europe members only.