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Roundtable ‘Trends and Opportunities in Sustainability’ Transparency and Performance

Added on 03-08-2018

CSR Europe and econsense support their members to scale up corporate transparency and establish responsible behaviour within companies. Turning businesses into truly responsible companies will help rebuild trust and address the growing expectations from the public and from the policy makers in terms of transparency.

We believe this can be achieved by working together with companies on their sustainability management and reporting practices as instruments to integrate sustainability across companies.

The aim of the meeting is to:

  • Enable an EU-German exchange on sustainability policy making and transparency
  • Share best practices, activities and stakeholder engagement reporting on the EU Directive: disclosure of non-financial information and diversity information
  • Identify possible cooperation between EU and Germany

This meeting is part of a series being held in five other cities across Europe.

Please register for the event by sending an email to
You will receive a confirmation of your registration and only with this confirmation your attendance can be guaranteed due to limited seating capacity of the venue.