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Responsible businesses welcome to present their good practices at the CSR Marketplace in Poland

Monday, February 12, 2018

Companies and organisations carrying out corporate social responsibility and sustainable development initiatives, or offer services in these areas, are invited to present their activities at the 7th CSR Marketplace. The event will take place in Warsaw on April 12, 2018. The CSR Marketplace is organised by the Responsible Business Forum in Poland.

The biggest corporate social responsibility platform in Poland attracting companies, institutions, and many other CSR enthusiasts, will be held for the seventh time this year. This year’s edition of CSR Marketplace will take place on April 12, 2018, in the gallery of the PGE Narodowy Stadium and will be held under the slogan “Cooperation in business”.

The growing numbers of exhibitors and visitors, coupled with the proliferation of media publications about the event, are a testimony of the ever-increasing public interest in CSR issues, but also of the benefits of exhibiting at the CSR Marketplace in Poland. It is also an evidence of how valuable CSR is for an organisation and its stakeholders. The fair-like structure of the event allows exhibitors to interact with both industry professionals and a wider array of stakeholders. The Marketplace is an excellent venue for sharing ideas with clients, employees, executives and managers, entrepreneurs, students and media representatives.

It also offers exhibitors additional promotional and communication opportunities. By enabling them to address their message to a variety of audiences and visitors, the CSR Marketplace in Poland provides the exhibiting businesses with a perfect environment to enhance their corporate image as an open, transparent, consistent and socially aware organisation.

“We want the 7th CSR Marketplace in Poland to showcase the importance of cooperation in responsible business. Establishing partnerships and achieving common goals in collaboration with communities is the very essence of social responsibility. It is these partnerships that the 17th SDG is dedicated to, which is virtually a precondition for achieving the other 16 Sustainable Development Goals. Our aim is to showcase a variety of possible forms of cooperation in today’s business, which make the world a better place. And good practices need to be shared and communicated – which is what the CSR Marketplace in Poland is there for”, says Marzena Strzelczak, Director General, Responsible Business Forum. “We are offering businesses a great opportunity both to boost their social responsibility practices and to draw inspiration from the biggest CSR event in Poland” – she adds.

A space for presentation

With free admission, the CSR Marketplace is fully open to the general public. This gives exhibitors freedom to invite their own customers, business partners or employees to their stand. The event will be broadcasted online (through the website). This allows the participating companies and organisations to take advantage of an additional communication channel to showcase their CSR activities. With such a wide audience, they will also be able to promote their practices to new stakeholders, including representatives of the media. The 7th CSR Marketplace in Poland is also a platform for the business sector to show its involvement in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

A space for discussion

The event is a great opportunity to establish new relationships and build a dialogue with diverse actors. The audience of the CSR Marketplace includes representatives from companies interested in the development and implementation of CSR practices, representatives of public administration and other institutions, journalists, consumers, students, representatives of NGOs, people interested in business cooperation, and all those who care about CSR and sustainable development.

Through social media, the exhibitors will be able to actively participate in the conference accompanying the event and expand their communication reach with the hashtag #TargiCSR.

A space for knowledge acquisition

The organisers envisage various forms of presenting corporate social responsibility issues: a conference, online-streamed interviews/panels, and – last but not least – exhibition stands.

The conference sessions will focus on business-community cooperation in a broad sense. We will address the issue of common effort towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, most notably Goal 17: Revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development. During the conference, CSR experts from the business and social sectors will focus on the opportunities enjoyed by cooperating partners and the benefits of forming this kind of partnerships.

The “Responsible Business in Poland 2017. Good Practices” report will also have its premiere during the event. The Report is a comprehensive review of social responsibility and sustainable development efforts published annually by the Responsible Business Forum.

The CSR Marketplace is the largest corporate social responsibility event in Poland. It has been organised by the Responsible Business Forum every two years since 2005. The aim of the event is to showcase the activities and practices of socially responsible companies and to promote services in this area. The organisers expect around 80 exhibitors and 2000 visitors to attend the 7th edition of the event in 2018.

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Partners and Patrons of the 7th CSR Marketplace (as at 9 February 2018):

Organiser: Responsible Business Forum

Main Partner: Siemens Polska

Partner: Polpharma

Honorary Patronage: CSR Europe, Prezydent Miasta Stołecznego Warszawy

Patrons: Business Centre Club, Federacja Konsumentów, Konfederacja Lewiatan, Francusko-Polska Izba Gospodarcza, Program Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play, Skandynawsko-Polska Izba Gospodarcza

Media patronage: Polityka, PAP Biznes, Benefit, Harvard Business Review, Kompendium CSR, Energia i Recykling, My company, be.navigator. Kampanie Społeczne,,


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