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Responsible Business Forum Poland releases 2015 Responsible Business in Poland report

Monday, July 4, 2016

Responsible Business Forum Poland have released their latest report, Responsible Business in Poland, the largest review of socially responsible business activities in Poland.

This year’s edition shows a record-breaking number of good CSR practices: 813 (the sum of first-time reported and long-standing practices; last year’s total was 684). 454 new examples of corporate activity have been published (vs. 420 last year), plus 359 long-standing activities, understood as those already described in the previous editions of the Report but continued over 2015 (vs. 264 last year).

“Polish businesses are reporting more and more good CSR practices. These are both new and long-standing initiatives, and most of them are employee-oriented or benefit local communities in which the businesses operate. Sadly, the 137 leading companies are no more than just a drop in the ocean. We still have a lot to do when it comes to convincing other Polish businesses that it’s worth making integrity and responsibility an integral part of their business strategy. These days a company should bring real value, not just profits,” says Mirella Panek-Owsiańska, President of the Responsible Business Forum.

The development of CSR is also noticeable in the number of companies reporting new practices. There are 137 of them (vs. 124 last year), of which 35 represent the SME sector (31 last year). The areas with the highest number of practices remain the same. They are ‘local community involvement and development’ and ‘labour practices’.

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