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Assessing the effectiveness of Company Grievance Mechanisms

Companies are increasingly expected to take into account how their operations impact the human rights of both workers and communities.

Design, use and assess effectiveness of company-level mechanism of receiving and resolving such complaints is necessary to identify human rights’ issues and improve different management processes. For this, assessment tools are an excellent means of defining priorities and areas for improvement.

This report is the outcome of CSR Europe’s work on the topic of company grievance mechanisms and contains a practical interpretation of the eight effectiveness criteria for grievance mechanisms which served as the basis of CSR Europe’s Management of Complaints Assessment (MOC-A) tool.

This report aims to (1) Equip companies with 21 process requirements that translate into practice the 8 effectiveness criteria for grievance mechanisms laid out in Principle 31 of the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights (Section I) and (2) Help companies on how to integrate in their business processes steps to design, publicise, use and learn from a company grievance mechanism (in consistency with the 8 effectiveness criteria) (Section II).