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Responsible Business Forum (RBF) Serbia is Serbia's first network of socially responsible companies, founded in 2008. It inspires, supports and encourages companies to continually improve their impact on society, carrying out a series of activities aimed at promoting the concept of CSR in the business sector and the wider general public. The Forum represents a platform for cooperation between businesses and society, as well as linking the business sector with local communities and other stakeholders, in an effort to jointly address the essential challenges facing modern society.


RBF Serbia was established with a mission of stimulating the development of corporate social responsibility and establishing effective and sustainable CSR practices in the Serbian business sector.    


The Forum's activities seek to meet the needs of companies in terms of networking, supplementing and exchanging information, consultancy services and training, establishing partnerships and carrying out promotions - in accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. The Forum's member-companies also implement joint programmes aimed at tackling specific social problems, thereby seeking to increase the effects of individual companies' CSR projects and creating additional value via networking and joint actions. 



Frederic Coin,
Societe Generale Bank


For more information, please contact Neven Marinovic, Executive Director.

Phone: +381 11 26 59 700
Address: Svetozara Markovica 42a, Belgrade, Serbia
Facebook: Forum za odgovorno poslovanje
Twitter: @FOP_Srbija
LinkedIn: Forum za odgovorno poslovanje