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RBF Poland (RWE Stoen) - Enlightened Warsaw (Oswiecona Warszawa)

Added on 22-03-2013


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For the citizens of Warsaw, safety is key issue.  The decision to initiate the "Enlightened Warsaw" campaign was driven by the company's sense of responsibility to the city and the local community within which it operates and the safety concerns and needs of the population.  A report published by the Warsaw Municipal Government Office, entitled "The Warsaw Safety Map", showed clearly that good lighting is one of the most important factors which influence people's sense of security.


The idea of illuminating places which can be dangerous due to, among other reasons, poor lighting, has been enhanced by the name: Enlightened Warsaw.  The meaning of these words is broad enough to encompass not only the aspect of "lighting" for safety reasons, but also other activities that come under the category of RWE Stoen's corporate social responsibility.

Enlightened Warsaw is carried out in partnership with the Warsaw Municipal Government Office and the Warsaw Metropolitan Police, both important stakeholders for RWE Stoen.  This cooperation allowed for a campaign across several levels from the identification of the issues related to the lack of safety after dusk and identifying dangerous spots to detailed arrangements with each district regarding all the technicalities surrounding the installation of street lamps.  It also enabled the creation of a list of 80 locations in the capital which have an especially high level of crime and poor lighting.  Using this list, Warsaw citizens pointed to places where they thought lighting was needed.

There were two ways a place could be voted for: by taking part in competitions organised by the local edition of Gazeta Wyborcza-the most popular daily newspaper in Poland (via SMS or e-mail)-or by filling out a form on the campaign website.

The contribution of partners and media patrons significantly brought down the cost of promotional activities aimed at reaching as many people in Warsaw as possible.  During the voting period outdoor advertising company AMS allocated billboard space for the campaign promotion in 40 locations within the city while the Warsaw Transport Authority placed 3000 posters on buses, trams and underground stations.  Thanks to media patrons, ongoing information about the campaign was transmitted by the Radio Złote Przeboje (local) and TVP3, a regional public television channel, and could also be found on the local pages of Gazeta Wyborcza.


The process of determining how many street lights must be erected in one site is fairly complicated and lengthy as it requires not only work, but also active participation from the Urban Road Authority.  The sole problem that occurred was of a technical nature, namely, some sites had multiple owners and it was difficult to ascertain land ownership

Challenges/Lessons learned:

A keen interest shown by the citizens of Warsaw as well as numerous comments and opinions in support of the campaign confirmed the main concept behind it: The more lamps the better people's sense of security will be in the streets of Warsaw.  After the lamps have been put up, the company wants to carry out a public survey and consultations with safety institutions in order to measure the results.

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