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RBF Poland (Kompania Piwowarska) - Test your blood alcohol content

Added on 22-03-2013


Kompania Piwowarska


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Although, most beer consumers can drink in a rational and responsible way, Kompania Piwowarska (KP) recognizes that not everyone can handle alcohol responsibly. It is not the consumption, but the misuse that accounts for alcohol-related misconduct. Polish police statistics register approximately 160,000 drunk drivers on an annual basis.


As a corporate citizen and the market leader, KP promotes responsible drinking by undertaking responsible advertising and promotion activities to affect the nature and patterns of alcohol consumption in Poland. We, along with our business partners in the entire supply chain and our competitors, must follow responsible practices and help to educate the public in the area of responsible drinking. This is reflected in self-regulating initiatives and social campaigns across the beer industry: Alcohol: Minors not allowed; Designated driver; Appearances are deceptive, ID is not.

The ‘Put your per mille to the test' program is among numerous projects developed by KP to impact social attitudes.

The ‘Put your per mille to the test' program uses mobile phones as a portable breathalyzer to test blood alcohol content to determine when it is safe to drive again.

The applications can be downloaded, free of charge, through a photo code available on the program’s dedicated website (please see link below) and in materials promoting the program. The new application is also available to Poznan and Tychy breweries’ visitors, where special Bluetooth devices send the application to the guests' mobile phones.

Drivers can download the application by texting PER MILLE to 70958 (cost of Pln 0.5 VAT exclusive/Pln 0.61 VAT inclusive). The application also allows users to find a taxi from a database of over 300 companies throughout Poland. Travelers can also check the legally allowed blood alcohol levels in various European countries.

The initiative’s webpage (please see link below) presents important information on the influence of alcohol on the human body and describes various social programs administered by KP.

‘Put your per mille to the test' is also promoted by taxi companies, who have partnered up with the company. Over 2500 taxis in Poland have tags with information about the program.


The ‘Put your per mille to the test' program is updated and improved on a regular basis to make blood alcohol content calculations easier.

KP is talking with other potential project partners to extend communications and widen the scope of the program.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

In the first three days of 2010 more than 1000 people used the website's alcohol-related calculator and after the first three months, the program attracted over 2,000 users.

Posters and stands have been delivered to over 1000 pubs throughout Poland, providing thousands of customers with information about the program and how to download the application to monitor their blood alcohol content.

The biggest benefit for KP is its enhanced image as a responsible brewer, both among employees and external partners (the media, opinion leaders, consumers). According to an opinion poll, KP is perceived as a company that places great emphasis on responsible drinking.

Limiting the number of drunk drivers in Poland improves safety for other drivers and pedestrians alike. Thanks to the program, thousands of people have decided to wait a few more hours until it was safe to drive again.

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