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The Responsible Business Forum (RBF) Poland was founded in 2000 by a group of Polish businessmen, academics and nongovernmental organisations. The organisation was the first in Poland to provide an in-depth focus on corporate social responsibility. RBF Poland not only creates an opportunity for managers, public administration and social activists to exchange experiences, but also researches appropriate case studies in the field of CSR for enterprises operating in Poland. RBF Poland is the oldest and the biggest nongovernmental organisation in Poland to provide in-depth focus on the concept of corporate social responsibility.


The Forum's mission is to make the idea of responsible business widespread as a standard in Poland in order to increase companies' competitiveness, to satisfy society, and to improve the state of the natural environment.


RBF Poland has four areas of activities:

Promoting responsible business

  • Comprehensive website
  • Monthly Newsletter "Respo".
  • Annual Conference, CSR Marketplace in Poland and other events.
  • Partnership in local and industrialCSR initiatives.
  • Partner of CSR contests: Sustainability Reports, Social Campaign of the Year, Globe Award Polish Edition, Responsible Companies Ranking.
  • Cooperation with media, public administration, and international organisations.

Supporting companies in implementing CSR

  • Partnership Programme - in-depth cooperation programme between Responsible Business Forum and companies which with their commitment and actions contribute to responsible business idea dissemination in Poland.
  • Projects for SMEs.
  • Talking about good business - series of seminars organised together with Strategic Partners.

Working with business to benefit society

  • The Responsible Business League (programme for students, which associates 20 student's organisations).
  • Responsible Business Academy.

CSR analysis and development

  • Annual Report on CSR in Poland
  • CSR Index: self-assessment tool
  • Research e.g. Managers 500 and Responsible Business, SMEs and Responsible Business, Supply Chain Management, Capital Market and CSR, Young Consumers on CSR.
  • Publications: "15 Polish Examples of CSR", "Diversity management in Poland".



Director General and Member of the Board - Marzena Strzelczak
President - Dominika Bettman


For more information, please contact Marzena Strzelczak.


Phone: +48 22 6271871
Fax: +48 22 627 18 72
Address: Ul. Szpitalna 5/5, 00-031 Warsaw, Poland
Facebook: Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu
Twitter: @FOB_Poland
LinkedIn: Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu