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Added on 23-06-2014




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Randstad addresses the unemployment issue which hits mainly young people between 18-26 years old and generates 122,000 unemployed young people in the Netherlands.

The company’s target for 2013 was to help 10,000 young people find jobs in five weeks.


After the Dutch government raised concerns over the levels of youth unemployment the ambassador for youth employment, Mirjam Sterk, announced that she would cut the number of young people out of work and she signed a deal with Randstad to launch the Youth Looking for Work programme.

While the company is aware that it is an illusion to think one can solve the issue of youth unemployment solely through a private-public initiative, Randstad being one of the largest employers in the Netherlands feels the responsibility to contribute to the process of solving youth unemployment.

To address the issue and make an impact it launched for the first time in 2013 the Youth@work program in the Netherlands. It is a public-private-partnership collaborating with the government and its primary goal is to increase work opportunities for young people.

We emphasise the indispensable role of employers and we provide young people with the required working skills through workshops while showing them how to effectively apply for jobs.


In 2013, Randstad launched the two-year Youth@work project with the target of finding a job for 10,000 young graduates over five weeks.

The target was achieved only through eight week, but the impact was still significant. 78% of the young people that participated in the programme were still in work one year later.

In 2014, the project youth@work resulted in finding jobs for 9,829 young people.

Further results of the 2014 programme:

33 “youth@work” events organised across the Netherlands

2,892 CV’s have been checked and advised on

976 linked-in profiles have been improved

1,545 people had their picture taken professionally

2,873 young people engaged with 203 employers during 5 weeks

1,306 young people attended the workshops

2,132 young people are still in the process of finding work

9,829 young people found work

Also as a result of the project, 26 employers signed Youth Agreements with the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. Companies in the initiative commit to offering opportunities through extra apprenticeships, traineeships, internships, start job and  more to increase the work opportunities for young people.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Encouraging employers to hire and preparing people for the workplace cannot use a one-size-fits-all approach, particularly as clients come from a variety of sectors and youth comes from a range of backgrounds. For this reason the employees at Randstad are working with each young person to assess their skills and then present them to clients they would be well suited to.

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