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Founded in 1993 by three entrepreneurs, Réseau Alliances is dedicated to promoting a responsible economy following one belief: business performance goes hand in hand with respecting people and the environment. Réseau Alliances has developed its activities with a regional scope (research and promotion of CSR best practices, assist companies in their CSR approach, inclusion and diversity in business).

Moreover it launched the World Forum Lille, an international event promoting best practices in SMEs or large groups who exercise their business around the world in a responsible way. A database including more than 600 international Best Practices has been created and is available publicly to share experiences, in French, English and Spanish. Réseau Alliances is a non-profit organisation, financed by public (45%) and private organisations (55%).


The objective of the Alliances Network is to assist companies so that they improve performance while better respecting people and the environment.


The Alliances network is involved in four spheres of activity:

Research and promotion of CSR best Practices

Alliances Network assesses and rewards every year the Best Practices of companies and organisations of Nord-Pas de Calais and the Eurorégion (Belgium and North of France).

Diversity and company participation

Because the promotion of diversity, the struggle against discrimination and the safeguarding of equal treatment represent added value for companies, the Alliances Network helps young graduates to become integrated into companies and gathers the different players struggling against discrimination into an Exchange Network.

Support companies to set up a CSR approach

Alliances Network sensitises and supports CSR companies by means of Diagnostics, Meetings, and Sustainable Performance Workshops.

World Forum Lille for a responsible economy

This is THE international meeting of companies committed to being responsible! Its objective is to review CSR Best Practices throughout the world and to make their example replicable.



Philippe Vasseur,
Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe


For more information, please contact Vianney Sauvage, Executive Director.

Phone: +33 3 20 99 24 63
Address: 40 rue Eugène Jacquet – SP 15 – 59708 Marcq-en-Baroeul, France
Facebook: Réseau Alliances
Twitter: @reseaualliances