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Public Affairs meeting

Added on 17-01-2018

We will be organising the first Public Affairs meeting of the new year on January 31, 2018, to update our members on the first high-level meeting of the European Multi-Stakeholder Platform on the SDGs.

Last year, CSR Europe was appointed as a member of the EU Multi-Stakeholder Platform on the SDGs, chaired by European Commission’s First-Vice President Frans Timmermans. After the first High-level meeting of the Platform, which took place January 10, 2018, the EU team will update our members on the latest discussion within the Platform and receive their input and feedback.

At the meeting, the strategic direction decided by the Board of CSR Europe for shaping the policy dialogue with the European Institutions on this topic will be presented. The EU team will also provide information and interpretation on key EU policy initiatives that could impact your company in the near future, such as the strategies on trade, sustainability and plastics.

If you are a Governmental/Public Affairs Manager or Corporate CSR Manager of a member of CSR Europe, and interested in joining the meeting, please send an email to Laura Natrop (