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Press release - Enterprise 2023 Summit held in Istanbul

Monday, December 14, 2015

Private sector, public and civil society institutions came together for the future of Turkey.

The Enterprise 2023 Summit, which was organised by Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey, brought together professionals who have social citizenship consciousness.

The Summit took place on December 8, 2015 at The Edition Otel in Istanbul, hosted speakers from companies and leading experts.

Organised by Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey, the Enterprise 2023 Summit took place on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at The Edition Otel in Istanbul. Bringing private sector, public institutions and NGOs together, The Summit covered issues like unemployment, climate change, and scarcity of resources, financial crises and risk of demographic shifts which are among the most serious problems nowadays.

The Summit started with an opening speech by Serdar Dinler, President of CSR Turkey Association. Serdar Dinler mentioned that the Enterprise 2023 Summit focused the campaigns for Sustainable Cities and Skills for Business. Emphasizing that almost half of the population of Turkey live in city centers, Dinler foresaw this rate to pass over 90% by 2050, and in line with this he emphasized the significance of sustainable city concept.

Taking into regard the pace of increase in urban population, Dinler referred the challenges for Turkey and foresaw that 50% of occupations we know today will disappear in the future. Therefore he underlined the importance of the campaign on Skills for Business.

The Summit continued with talks by Mehmet Nane, CEO of Carrefoursa, Nichola Silveria, CEO of DP World Yarımca and Kaan Yücel, General Manager of Piyalepaşa Real Estate.

For the first time this year a CSR Talks Panel was organised to cover corporate social responsibility in detail and evaluate the CSR implementations in different business fields. At this panel, Tal Garih, the President of the Board of A New Leader Association reflected his viewpoint on new generation CSR while Dimitrios Triantaphyllou, Director of Center for International and European Studies covered the business process for peace. At the panel, Pınar Saklıyan Koçali shared her experiences on woman focused economy whereas Thomas Osburg, Director of Circular Knowledge Institute and KAIPO Partners, mentioned the development of pioneering business models on CSR and innovation.

The Summit continued with the Skills for Business panel which was dedicated to increasing productivity by developing the right employment created for  the right jobs. With moderation by Dr. Ceyhun Göcenoğlu, IBM Turkey CSR Programs Manager, the panel hosted talks by Serkan Gür, Provincial Deputy Director of National Education of Istanbul, Nursel Ölmez Ateş, HR Director of Ford Otosan and Selin Öz, Garanti Bank SME Marketing Enterprise Banking Manager.

With the aim of giving an inspiration for co-working of public and private sector in Turkey Responsible Cities Panel was moderated by Dr. Ali Ercan Özgür, IDEMA Co-founder and Board Member of CSR Board Member. To provide multi-stakeholder platforms in cities in the mid-term and share the best practices, the panel hosted İETT Head of Customer Relations and Corporate Communication Department Cevdet Güngör, Cyclists Association President Murat Suyabatmaz and Turkish Airlines Investor Relation Manager Duygyu İnceöz as speakers.

Best practices and companies were awarded...

Celia Moore, Chair of CSR Europe and Director Corporate Citizenship IBM EMEA, congratulated the 10th anniversary of CSR Turkey Association and underlined that she is very much interested in the social responsibility activities in Turkey.

During the award ceremony, Mert Fırat, actor and founder of Neighborhood Map send a video message to participants. The companies which attended CSR Marketplace; ADM Electricty, Ford Otosan, Friterm, HSBC, Turkish Airlines, Viko by Panasonic, Yapı Kredi, Beyoğlu Municipality and İETT.

In the Summit Award Ceremony, actor and founder of Neighbourhood Map, Mert Fırat took place with the special video for the participants. 9 companies who participated in CSR Marketplace; ADM Electric, Ford Auto, Friterm, HSBC, Turkish Airlines, Viko by Panasonic, Yapı Kredi Bank, Beyoğlu Municipality and İETT received a special award on the areas of their investments on corporate social responsibility.

Other companies that support the summit; DP World Yarımca, Piyalepaşa İstanbul, GSK, My Climate Turkey, received contribution award plaque. In the Summit “Skills for Business Campaign” IBM also received a plaque for the support that they showed. Also this year, for the first time, Turkey awarded organisations which are actively involved in the CSR. In this context; TÜRKONFED, TİSK, TÜSİAD, SKD Turkey (Business World and Sustainable Development Association), Corporate Governance Association of Turkey, Private Sector Volunteers Association, Global Compact, CSR Turkey Magazine, GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project) Regional Development Administration, TÜSİAD (Turkish Industry and Business Association), Stock Market İstanbul, UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), Sustainable Living TV and Neighborhood Map became the owner of the prize.