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Praise Awards 2016

Saturday, June 18, 2016

As part of the PRAISE project, ETSC (European Transport Safety Council) presents annual awards in recognition of organisations that have made an outstanding commitment to improving work-related road safety.

The competition is divided into three separate categories according to the size and type of the applicant organisations: SME (Small-Medium Enterprise), large company and public authority*. The winners will be chosen by a independent panel of experts appointed by ETSC.

Why apply?

Past winners have included OMV PetromTransport for LondonInstitute of Advanced MotoristsArriva Denmark, The Hellenic Air Force, Bolk Transport, Royal Dutch Shell, VolkerRail Ltd, Electricity Supply Board, KTL and British Telecom. Winners receive positive recognition of efforts they have made to improve road safety from ETSC, a leading voice in transport safety at the EU level – with members across the continent. Winners are invited to a high-profile event in Brussels, which includes networking opportunities with policymakers and other organisations active in the field.

Criteria for selecting the winners

Participating organisations should complete the questionnaire which can be downloaded from the ETSC website. Applicants should be able to demonstrate that they have met most of the following criteria:

  • Evidence that a ‘process’ has taken place i.e. risk assessment, formal structure, policies developed, targets measured;
  • Able to show an innovative approach to work related road safety including  concrete actions and initiatives;
  • Target setting and monitoring used as part of the road safety programme;
  • Solid evidence of a return on investment; able to demonstrate the economic impact of the programme;
  • Indicators set up to collect and monitor data on all collisions / material damage / casualties;
  • Evidence of safety impact improvements i.e. improved crash rate and casualty reduction;
  • Able to show how the programme engaged with the organisation’s staff and how senior management took responsibility for the initiative.

How to apply?

Download the questionnaire. Completed forms (in English only) should be sent by email to by 1 September 2016. The awards will be presented at our annual PRAISE conference in Brussels in Autumn 2016 – more details to follow.

*Small-Medium enterprise = <250 employees
Large company = 250+ employees
Public authority = e.g. city council
If you are unsure of which category is appropriate for your organisation, please contact ETSC