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The Business Leaders Forum Slovakia (BLF Slovakia) is an informal association of companies established in April 2004. Its members have agreed to be leaders in promoting the principles of corporate social responsibility in Slovakia. The establishment of the Business Leaders Forum in Slovakia gave birth to a new partner for international institutions in the European and transatlantic dialogue on the topic. In its initial phases, BLF Slovakia was supported by 11 companies and the Pontis Foundation, which serves as the association's administrator.


To improve general awareness and to provide the knowledge and motivation necessary for companies in the Slovak market to act according to the principles of corporate social responsibility.


  • Album of Best Practice (since 2006): A collection of CSR activities of BLF members in four categories: community, environment, supply chain, employee well-being.
  • Benchmarking (since 2006): Helping members measure the full value and impact of their Corporate Community Investment, benchmarking their performance using an internationally accepted standard developed by Corporate Citizenship Company (UK).
  • Employee Engagement Programmes (since 2005): Our services include initial consultations, selection of project, brokerage between NGO and company team to make the corporate volunteering day happen.
  • CSR Knowledge Forum (since 2004): Organising learning events of different sizes and formats focusing on various aspects of corporate social responsibility. Last issues included: reporting, media responsibility, measuring CCI, role of CEOs...and many others.
  • BLF Newsletter (since 2004): 1000 issues of bimonthly newsletter on responsible business, new opportunities, and long-term success sent to companies, NGO, academic and governmental bodies bringing current information from the area of CSR in Slovakia and abroad.
  • Via Bona Award (since 1998): The annual award rewarding the philanthropic activities of corporations as well as the best CSR strategy of the year.
  • Grant Programs (since 1998): Redistribution of companies" funds", which are determined for charity and publicly beneficial purposes of varying focus. Our services consist of recommending and designing transparent and aimed strategies of support.
  • Surveys and Publications: Annual survey Perception of CSR by Slovak Citizens (since 2004), surveys Institutional Development of Slovak NGOs (1997, 2006), first Slovak publication on Corporate Social Responsibility.



Magdalene Dobišová,
Skanska SK


For more information, please contact Beata Hlavcakova, Program Director.

Phone: +421 2 5710 8111 
Address: Zelinárska 2, 82108 Bratislava, Slovakia
Facebook: Nadácia Pontis