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POLITICO - Sustainable Future Summit

Added on 02-10-2019

Linking sustainability and growth seemed to be an oxymoron until a few years ago — restraining growth was tied to hair-shirted ascetics questioning market economics. That’s changed. Initially spurred by worries over climate change and environmental pollution, businesses have woken up to sustainability being a potential money-maker.

From renewable energy to the shift of the car industry to electric vehicles, greener farming and a circular economy, sustainability is a crucial part of future growth. The past practice of manufacturing disposable goods turned out to be not only polluting but also economically wasteful.

Some initiatives around sustainability are being implemented at the global level with the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while the European Commission is currently promoting the circular economy as means to generate jobs and economic growth — all while cleaning up the environment.

Just ahead of the COP25 in Chile, CSR Europe is supporting POLITICO in the launch of its first Sustainable Future Summit on November 14 in Brussels. During this one-day event, POLITICO will gather policymakers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and consumers to debate the hunt for sustainable growth.

The summit will look at the following issues:

  • What role are regulators and consumers playing in fostering sustainability, and are they listening sufficiently businesses?
  • How can companies and society commit to the SDGs? Do they engage meaningfully with the goals and what’s in it for them?
  • How can European corporates become an example for other parts of the world?
  • In a globalized world, how can regulators ensure a more sustainable supply chain across sectors? Are sanctions a possible enforcement tool?
  • Does a fairly resource-poor continent like Europe have an advantage in a world where the order of the day is reusing and recycling?
  • What should the EU and member states do to prepare civil society to function in a circular economy?


CSR Europe members and partners are invited to participate and will benefit from a 30% discount.