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Pascale Wauters joins CSR Europe as Senior Communications Manager

Monday, September 4, 2017

CSR Europe is delighted to announce the appointment of Pascale Wauters as the new Senior Communications Manager.

In her role, Pascale will work with the organisation to further develop CSR Europe’s communication strategy and strengthen its brand and content experience. 

Pascale started her career in London & Dusseldorf working as an account manager for a large retail company. Back in Brussels, she became a human resources journalist and moved on later as a Corporate Communications Manager in the cement industry. She also held leading roles in the energy and gas sector working on press and relations management, digital transformation and environmental communication.

Accompanying her wide array of Business to Business (B2B) communications experience, Pascale has established herself in the field of CSR and Sustainability. With the launch of a biodiversity campaign ‘Quarry Life Award’ in 2011, Pascale’s interest in sustainability has continued to grow with her career - clean transportation, climate change, safety at work and stakeholder management are only a few of the many topics that she has campaigned on. 

Pascale has a Master’s degree in English & Spanish. As a Board Member of the C² Communications Community, Pascale has formed a wide network of partners in Belgium and across Europe.

We are very pleased to have Pascale join the CSR Europe team.