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Panasonic Europe - Kid Witness News (KWN)

Added on 22-03-2013


Panasonic Europe



Business challenge

Giving children “a voice”, bringing training and further educational support to those, who might not have the opportunity to be creative or acquire such or similar skills. 


KWN is an educational support programme that aims to develop creativity and communication skills in elementary and junior high school-aged children. The programme also aims to foster their ability to work in teams through video production.

  • The programme aims to promote exchange and mutual understanding between children around the world through visual communication.
  • KWN embodies Panasonic‘s corporate philosophy of contributing to society through the production of quality products. In this specific case, Panasonic contributes to society through lending their professional cameras and filming equipment to schools.


Extending the initiatives cooperation with other organisations / art / film makers is possible. In the future, we want to expand this activity to more European countries. 

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Creation of great film stories and strong links between local communities and Panasonic. This year’s European KWN Award Ceremony took place in Wiesbaden, at the Panasonic European HQ, where 6 finalists from 6 different European countries were invited to show their films. The quality of the films were very professional. We find that the children not only become semi-professional film-makers, but also learned about communication and intra-team collaboration; besides gaining huge amounts of self-confidence in the process of creating the films. From a business perspective, this initiative has enhanced Panasonic's corporate brand image, and we are winning next-generation fans. 

More information

Take a look at some of the videos produced on the global KWN internet pages.

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