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European Pact for Youth


The European Pact for Youth is a flagship initiative of CSR Europe. Initiated by CSR Europe, it is a mutual engagement of business and the European Union leaders. It brings together representatives for business, education and youth, and the European institutions in order to boost the number and quality of business-education partnerships for youth employability and inclusion.

In addition, the Pact sets out to establish 100,000 new good quality apprenticeships, traineeships or entry-level jobs. Furthermore, the Pact stakeholders will contribute to EU and national policies on skills for competitiveness and employability. This will be achieved through joint policy proposals by the Leaders of the Pact, as well as 28 national action plans established in the individual Member States by our national partners.

Business benefits

  • By joining the European Pact for Youth, businesses illustrate that they are frontrunners in employer investments in education.
  • Under the Pact, a series of high level events have been organised, chaired by Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, and Viscount Etienne Davignon, Minister of State and President of CSR Europe.
  • By engaging practically with the European Pact for Youth and investing in the education sector, companies accrue a multitude of benefits; by establishing a long-term competitive advantage in human capital, as they can find new sources of talent and overcome the gap in skilled workers that hold back future economic growth.


For more information contact Marten Verheugt.

To disseminate information about the European Pact for Youth please contact Davide Castro.