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Our 2030 Strategy, Mainstreaming the urgency for action

CSR Europe, as a network of leading international companies and National Partners throughout Europe, reconfirms itself as a unique private sector movement to accelerate the SDG/climate change agenda from within Europe.

While the urgency of this challenge is well understood by leading companies, we see our role as the main enabler for responsible and sustainable business in Europe, leveraging our entire network to deliver action-oriented impact.

CSR Europe sees five key directions for the sustainability agenda:

1_ The business contribution is core to Europe moving towards a sustainable future. Europe should be at the forefront of global transformation by promoting high environmental, social and governance (including tax)  standards at an international level and by ensuring a level playing field globally.


2_ Sustainability is no longer about individual company’s management but it is about the entire eco-system and is only possible if implemented through strengthening local communities.


3_ Impact and change is the focus of the network, not only management processes or reporting.


4_ High impact collaborations and advocacy are together with mature and integrated sustainability management systems key areas for intervention and action. The focus of a network like CSR Europe should, therefore, include the incubation and implementation of the collaborative sector-   and value chain platforms.


5_ Enhanced transparency and proactive stakeholder engagement at all levels are basic requirements.

Download the 2030 Strategy on Mainstreaming the urgency for action