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Pact for Youth webinar: SME engagement in apprenticeships

Added on 18-10-2016

The role of small and medium size (SME) companies is key in combatting youth unemployment. Constituting 2/3 of the total employment in private sector and 85% of net growth in Europe, SMEs can provide numerous training opportunities in the domain of apprenticeships.

However, they often face several obstacles to engage in apprenticeships such as high administrative burdens, lack of information or shortage of resources. In contribution to the European Pact for Youth and the 2016 European Vocational Skills, this webinar brings together a variety of key stakeholders to discuss how to reap the best engagement of SMEs in apprenticeships.

Join this webinar, in order to:

  • Hear how SMEs can tackle barriers to engage in apprenticeships
  • Learn from best practices how SMEs are reaping full benefits from apprenticeships
  • Learn about current European level actions in SME engagement in apprenticeships

This event is a direct contribution to the European Pact for Youth and the 2016 European Vocational Skills Week and is open for all to join in.