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NPO WEBINAR - Get Ready for the NPO Meeting

Added on 09-01-2020


This NPO webinar is the third of the year and, as is the tradition, we will look at the activities planned for the NPO meeting in October (TBC) and specific activities and input from NPOs across the network. With the opening of the "NPO meeting 2020 Call for Hosts", Members are invited to put forward their proposals to host the NPO meeting in autumn 2020. As usual, we will have a 2-day programme of meetings and events for NPOs to share knowledge, collaborate as well as capacity building training. NPOs will also share activities and look at opportunities to strengthen the ONE Network. Board members will update NPOs on their activities and decisions.



  • ONE Network updates and activities;
  • NPO Meeting 2020 – Programme Overview;
  • Get CSR Europe Board Meeting updates.