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Healthy Lifestyles

The pressure of demographic change compounds the challenge of retaining a healthy and qualified workforce.  Based on CSR Europe’s "Blueprint for Business Action on Health Literacy", this project aims to create a "Learning Network on Health and Wellbeing” in order to strategically improve health and wellbeing at work to increase future productivity and competitiveness.


Mental Health chapter

According to the newest European mental health index, 38% of Europeans are affected by a mental illness every year, which inflicts a burden of 3.4% of European GDP in the form of direct and indirect costs on Europe. Although not all mental health problems are work-related, a person's workplace or lack thereof can influence the creation, aggravation or the prevention of mental health issues.

To tackle this issue, CSR Europe has launched a Mental Health Chapter, as part of its Healthy Lifestyles project, to improve employers' awareness on possible measurement, prevention and engagement measures to successfully address mental health issues. To this end, CSR Europe has also joined the Healthy Workplaces Campaign on managing stress.


The Mental Health chapter will:

  • Create a Learning Network Series with four webinars to raise awareness on possible measurement, prevention and engagement measures on mental health.
  • Provide CSR Europe members opportunities to engage and contribute within the framework of the Healthy Workplaces Campaign.


How can you benefit?

There are a few ways in which you can benefit from the Chapter’s activities:

  • Build your own plans and tactics for effectively and productively addressing stress/mental health at the workplace.
  • Empower your employees by engaging them pro-actively in their health and wellbeing management, through approaches and tools including Blueprint for Business Action on Health Literacy, BITC Workwell Campaign, and the Sodalitas Workplace Health Promotion Manual.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of the EU Healthy Workplaces Campaign, including access to EU-OSHA’s campaign tools or the opportunity to share best practices through benchmarking initiatives.
  • Strengthen your influence within the EU policy dialogue on aspects of health and wellbeing policy that are key to your organisation, also in view of the new EU Health Strategy 2014-2020.

Project leaders

Project partners

CSR Europe is an official Campaign partner of the EU Healthy Workplaces Campaign.

Activities to date: