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ORSE (Observatoire sur la Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises)


ORSE is a French network aimed at researching and promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) and socially responsible investment (SRI). Founded in June 2000, ORSE is a non-profit organisation working with a diverse group of stakeholders composed of businesses, trade unions, professional organisations, academics and nongovernmental organisations.

ORSE is the only French organisation constituting a think tank bringing together so many diverse actors, all committed to SRI and CSR development.


  • Initiate and moderate a network of actors that operate in the field of CSR.
  • Develop tools and instruments to help members create and implement CSR policy.
  • Foster the exchange of experiences between members and identifying the "best practices" that exist in France and throughout Europe.
  • Encourage reflection, particularly through working groups gathering corporate representatives, experts, academics, trade union members and NGOs.
  • Facilitate the establishment of partnerships between concerned actors and networks in France and Europe.
  • Disseminate best practices and other information to members.


With some 100 members, ORSE provides an array of services that include the following:

  • Participation in working groups, conferences and other events featuring national and international experts
  • A members-only database ( with CSR related information, including documents of reference
  • Minutes of major events and seminars
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Press reviews
  • A bilingual public website (
  • Three clubs: one for CSR managers, one for members of the financial services sector and one for purchasing


99 members (view members)


Daniel Lebegue (Chairman), Transparency International France


For more information, please contact Francois Fatoux, Director at ORSE.

25 rue du Charolais, 75012 Paris
Phone: +33 1 43 46 02 22 Fax: +33 1 43 46 86 99