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New tool open to all companies for assessment of their grievance mechanism

Thursday, June 14, 2018

CSR Europe has published a MOC-A (Management of Complaints Assessment) checklist tool available on our website to provide all companies an opportunity to enhance their business grievance mechanisms.

Increasing evidence has convinced companies of all sizes that upfront investment of time and resources in stakeholders relations are an essential part of doing business and saves resources further down the line, as well as reputation and future outlays. 

Following the eight effectiveness criteria outlined in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP), CSR Europe has developed the MOC-A (Management of Complaints Assessment) tool with companies and experts to enhance the process of dealing with complaints. Now we have also published a MOC-A checklist tool available to download for the public. 

The interactive checklist includes 32 questions, where each of them refers to a process requirement based on the eight criteria within the UNGP. It allows you to self-assess your own grievance mechanism and compare your own practices against an ideal scenario. The objective is to check if a certain practice meets the requirement and/or to identify gaps and areas of needs for improvement. The checklist is created to be a manageable and practical tool to enhance your business grievance mechanism both internally and externally. 

To dive deeper into the topic, CSR Europe offers to the corporate members a complementary assessment of gaps and areas of needs for improvement, and identifies and provides potential solutions to the specific operations. In addition, we benchmark your company anonymously against the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights for you to assess own performance against peer companies.

CSR Europe will also arrange a one-day workshop where we bring together assessed companies to exchange best practices and connect on the collateral challenges. CSR Europe wants an effective grievance mechanism to be accessible for everybody, and therefore, companies who are not a member can ask for this assessment in exchange for a fee.

Interested in getting more insights on assessing the effectiveness of company grievance mechanism?

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