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New Pilot Investigation into Workforce Transitions

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Join CSR Europe’s action and become the employer of choice for future focused career. CSR Europe and its national partners are exploring a new company-led pilot project on workforce transitions. Supported by the JPMC Foundation, the aim is to gather companies to pilot new HR interventions, support training and employee mobility of vulnerable employees at risk of job loss. CSR Europe’s members can join this new action as well through the engagement of corporate & affiliate collaboration.  

1. The future challenge of dead-end careers
Against technological disruption, many companies are restructuring their organisation, causing lay-offs while offering new positions not matching the redundant profiles. In return, many people find themselves out of employment, with sometimes poor career development opportunities. These changes have the risk of causing bad employer reputation as a ‘dead-end careers’ provider and the potential to contribute to social unrest.

2. Innovate your HR & become an employer of choice
To help companies manage these transformations sustainably, CSR Europe and its national partners aim to launch a new pilot project to support companies innovate their HR processes towards inclusive workforce transitions.

To address this challenge, the project will take a particular focus on most vulnerable workers (low-income/low-skilled) and support their employability through:

  1. Forecasting changing skills & occupations
  2. Upskilling current workforce to meet new work demands
  3. Supporting employee mobility between tasks & occupations

‘We are pleased to partner with the JP Morgan Chase Foundation to assess the feasibility of a new pilot project on workforce transitions. By supporting employees’ life-long careers, companies can boost their employer branding and become the preferred choice for new talents,' says Stefan Crets, Executive Director, CSR Europe

3. Join our pilot project!
We are currently gathering interested companies in selected sectors to take part in the pilot project in France, Italy, Spain and Poland as well as at European level through corporate strategy and affiliates actions.

As part of the action, your company can participate in a hands-on action pilot and learn from peers through private working group meetings together selected stakeholders, receive tailored benchmarking and evaluation services and get connected with relevant stakeholders and partners.

If you are interested to join this action, you can get in touch with Tommi Raivio,