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Nestlé - Combating obesity

Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

The company recognises that non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and obesity are major reasons for disability and death. Appropriate diets and physical activity can improve quality of life as well as life expectancy.


Nestlé respond to this chalenge through understanding the lack of wareness around the basic nutritional principles. This can lead to systematic inappropriate food choices and result in sub-optimal health for consumers.

Nestlé has developed many nutritional and physical activity programmes globally. These are culturally specific for the countries in which they are carried out. Frequently these programmes are set up in conjunction with governments, schools or other community partners. When integrated into school curricula, the multiplier effect is apparent, with children bringing the nutritional concepts back to their families.

One of these programmes, carried out in conjunction with multiple partners in Northern France, it is rare in that it creates long-term effectiveness in ending the prevalent increase in obesity among children. These programmes have been well received by the children, their parents, teachers, public health authorities and other members of the community. A limited number of these programmes will be discussed in detail.


  • Resources are required to achieve significant impact.
  • The extensive nature of project: a 'single solution' requires long-term multi stakeholder involvement.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

  • The efforts provide a forum upon which better relations can be deployed with consumers, public health authorities and government.
  • Better health status achieved among children. This is almost certainly unique in interventions aimed at combating childhood obesity.
  • Since the solution is clearly multifaceted, the problem cannot be related to one single cause factor.

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