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National Workshop: Sustainable Living in Cities, Portugal

Added on 17-07-2015

This workshop is part of the Sustainable Living in Cities Campaign launched under CSR Europe’s Enterprise 2020 initiative.

It aims to encourage new local partnership between companies, public administration and other urban stakeholder in order to develop innovative and efficient solutions for urban sustainable development.

Take part in this national workshop promoting stronger collaborations between city and business stakeholders and take the opportunity to contribute to the development of city-business alliances. 

Participate in the workshop and you will

  • Learn about good practices, partnerships and the medium and long term goals for city-business alliances
  • Explore needs and challenges of cities when working with businesses
  • Discuss  how cities and businesses can  find solutions to urban challenges together

Who should join

  • Cities
  • Local businesses and affiliates of multinationals
  • Other urban stakeholders

If you have any questions please contact Mariana Delgado (, and Ivana Petovska ( Click here for more information on the Sustainable Living in Cities Campaign.

Event summary

This national workshop, organised by CSR Europe's Portuguese national partner, GRACE, took place on March 11 at the Lipor Auditorium in Porto, Portugal. Participants were welcomed by Fernando Leite, Managing Director at Lipor, and Paula Guimaraes, President of GRACE, representing Montepio Foundation. 

The Executive Director of Bureau Veritas introduced the launch of the sectorial report 'Challenges and opportunities for CSR in the transport sector'. Pedro Barata, CEO of Get2C led the workshop, introduced CSR Europe's Ivana Petovska, who provided the European perspective, presenting the campaign and highlighting the challenges that cities currently face, and how these could be mitigated by better partnerships between local authorities, companies and other organisations.

Rody El Chammas, Toyota Motor Europe, followed by presenting a European case study, explaining the group's initiatives that aim to foster sustainable mobility through an innovative and 100% electrical,car-sharing system, currently being implemented in Grenoble.

Following this, the roundtable discussion revolved around 'how to establish successful partnerships' with representatitives from local authorities and companies sharing their experiences. Carlos Mendes, Maia Municipality, and Paulo Rodrigues, Lipor, touched on the integrated waste management system that aims at ensuring the sustainability of the whole supply chain.

Paulo Santos, Municipality of Faro, and Rui Coentro, IBM then shared their Smarter Cities Challenge project, which aims to 'make the city more intelligent and effective' in terms of environmental and economic management, promoting initiatives that allow for a greater economic development, namely in the maritime sector.

More information (in Portuguese).