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National Workshop - Sustainable Living in Cities, Latvia

Added on 13-04-2015

Sustainable Living in Cities National Workshop, co-organized by CSR Latvia and CSR Europe and supported by Swedish Institute Alumni, determined synergies for a joint approach and development of smarter and more sustainable cities. 

With almost 70 participants (from companies, cities, NGOs and universities), we kicked off a discussion and collaboration on sustainable living in cities with CSR Latvia and the city of Riga. Through 6 parallel worldcafe style tables, the following conclusions stood out:

- there are clear long term benefits for private sector to get involved 
- we need to support and facilitate more dialogue between SMEs and local governments
- to achieve more impact smaller cities need to work together on a regional level 
- there is a need to use data and analytics for both cities and business (i.e. consumer patterns, commuter needs etc)
- sustainable cities are not about one off collaboration but about a long term sustainable collaboration model and stable sustainable services

CSR Latvia is currently in dialogue with the city of Riga on how use the experience presented in the workshops, the discussion results above and the existing knowledge on sustainable cities to create a successful city-business coillaboration.

If you have any questions please contact Agnese Alksne ( and Ivana Petovska ( Click here for more information about how you, your urban partners, cities or companies can get involved in the Sustainable Living in Cities campaign.