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National Workshop - Sustainable Living in Cities, Bologna, Italy

Added on 21-05-2015

Towards new partnerships for a more sustainable city. Smart cities and climate change.

The workshop is part of the Sustainable Living in Cities Campaign launched under CSR Europe’s Enterprise 2020 initiative.

The aim is to encourage new local partnership between companies, public administration and other urban stakeholder in order to develop innovative and efficient solutions for urban sustainable development.

The event, co-organised by Impronta Etica and CSR Europe in collaboration with Gruppo Hera, Gruppo Unipol and the Municipality of Bologna, took place as part of the Smart City Exhibition 2015: Citizen Data Festival, 14-16 October. It discussed how cities, businesses and other stakeholders can forge long-term collaborations on urban challenges and provided specific examples of projects and actions for the reduction of CO2 emissions at the business and city level. It also provided a space for learning and discussion about the PAES (Action Plan for Sustainable Energy) of the Municipality of Bologna - through which the aim is to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020.

Participants in the workshop

  • Learned about good practices, partnerships and the medium and long term goals for city-business alliances
  • Explored needs and challenges of cities when working with businesses
  • Discussed  how cities and businesses can find solutions to urban challenges together

If you have any questions please contact Elisa Petrini (e.petrini@improntaetica,org) and Ivana Petovska ( Click here for more information on the Sustainable Living in Cities Campaign.

Event summary

This workshop, organised with Footprint Ethics, in collaboration with Hera Group, Unipol Group and the Municipality of Bologna, assessed the new challenges and opportunities for public-private partnerships for the containment of CO2 emissions, and how this collaboration can and must meet the new needs of public administrators, businesses and communities.

This workshop falls under our Sustainable Living in Cities (SLIC) business campaign. The workshop was the conclusion of a process of engagement and discussion with local stakeholders and saw representatives of companies and European and Italian cities sharing their ideas of the partnerships needed for tomorrow .

More information (in Italian)