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MVO Nederland (Van Houtum) - Satino Black Cradle to cradle washroom solutions

Added on 22-03-2013


Van Houtum


MVO Nederland


2009 - ongoing

Business challenge

Van Houtum attaches great importance to innovation and we are constantly working to develop products and processes for washroom solutions with positive impact across the chain with 100% positive defined safe material and renewable energy. This is also expressed in our mission statement: “Developing innovative concepts for a better toilet experience and hygiene.”

The development of our Cradle to Cradle hygienic paper is a nice example. To achieve this, we analyzed - together with research institute EPEA in Germany - the entire production process and all the 30 substances used for their effects on people and the environment, as well as possible alternatives.

As a result, after 1.5 years of improvement, Satino Black hygiene paper is Cradle to Cradle certified and suitable for the biological cycle.

We also made a conscious choice to use the colour black for the printed materials as black pigments are much better for the environment. 


We provide Cradle to Cradle washroom solutions (brand name Satino Black) to help customers to easily transform their washroom to the most eco-friendly in the world:   innovative technologies ensure a unique combination of quality, image and user-friendliness with the most environmentally friendly products. The production process for all Satino Black products is carbon neutral, leaving behind no harmful residues in the environment. The Satino Black range includes hygienic paper, hand soap, foam soap and dispensers.

The dispensers are produced from recycled plastic - using 100% green energy.  A recycling concept has been developed for Satino Black dispensers in order to be able to reuse the raw materials.

Satino Black has not only put a unique product line on the market; a complete Cradle to Cradle concept has been developed for our customers, bringing them a step closer to their sustainability targets. Satino Black supports the communication of their sustainability policy in a professional manner, through the Satino Black toilet tile for example. By applying the tile in the toilet area, the customer’s organisation will create awareness and involvement with regard to sustainability among both staff and visitors.


We succeeded in producing Cradle to Cradle hygienic paper in 2009, but the marketing presented a challenge.

With the aid of a top communications agency, in 2010 we started a bold and daring campaign stating Satino Black is unique and a revolutionary development. It shows that green and sustainable products can also be hip and trendy. And make business sense. That’s why people want to have it. And that’s how we leave behind a large positive social and ecological footprin

It’s encouraging to see how a small company can inspire a large community  including many suppliers to seek ‘green innovations’

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Satino Black Cradle to Cradle hygienic paper was developed as part of our CSR policy that is completely integrated into our entire organization. It’s part of our genetic makeup as it were. The company policy, culture and working environment all encourage CSR-based innovation, and Satino Black is no more than a logical result of this approach.

Organizations, companies and government agencies with clear CSR policies are looking for ways to make their sustainability targets concrete. Satino Black offers a clear and simple washroom solution that helps organizations to achieve their CSR targets. Therefore we help others to leave behind a positive social and ecological footprint.

Satino Black was launched in July 2010 after 1.5 years of development and we notice that the turnover of Satino Black is doubling every six months and this trend continues.

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