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MVO Nederland


MVO Nederland is an independent expertise and network organisation on Corporate Social Responsibility founded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The aim of the organisation is to inform Dutch businesses on CSR and how to implement this in their core activities.


The mission of MVO Nederland is that CSR will be common in all Dutch enterprises, that they will see CSR as a standard for doing business.

  • To embed CSR in the business processes as production, procurement, HR, Finance and Marketing,
  • To ensure that topics like sustainable supply chain, clean production, reduce of Co2, diversity, working conditions and integrity are as much important as profit.
  • To ensure companies are transparent and communicate on the choices they make.


In order to provide entrepreneurs with practical hands-on solutions, MVO Nederland collects and distributes examples, tools and publications. By working with intermediary organisations like employers' organisations, business networks and chambers of commerce, the CSR message is tailored to entrepreneurs in several sectors. MVO Nederland brings all stakeholders like trade organisations, NGOs, government and business together to share their knowledge and experiences and to inspire each other in the search for new business solutions to social and environmental issues. In addition, MVO Nederland draws up projects like international supply chain management, promotion of the OECD guidelines, stimulate community investments, sustainability in the agri-business and many others.


MVO Nederland is supported by its partners which are organisations and entrepreneurs who like to share their CSR expertise and experiences with each other. By sharing visions and experiences, new ideas are born, changes are created and new methods of co-operation are found. In this manner, we build an ever increasing network of businesses and organisations that are actively involved with CSR.    

MVO Nederland has over 2000 members.


Peter Blom


For more information, please contact Petra Veeneman.
Address: Arthur van Schendelstraat 500, 3511 MH Utrecht, Netherlands
Twitter: @MVO_NL
LinkedIn: MVO Nederland