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MSD - Spain Volunteering Program launch campaign

Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

As part of the overall Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and integrated in the project "Merck 365 Days," based on the Global Corporate Volunteer Policy, MSD accurately identify, adapt and implement an innovative and effective local Corporate Volunteer, motivating the participation of employees in Spain.

The challenges we face through our initiatives are: to improve the welfare of people at risk of exclusion who live in our community; providing volunteer service to those in need; through our expertise we can make different contributions.


20 hours to change the world is the name of the Spanish MSD volunteer program, which aims are to foster the spirit of solidarity among employees to take root in the corporate culture, establishing points of contact to assist MSD to maintain a closer dialogue with communities in which it operates, and instill in employees a sense of belonging to the organization, improve the working environment, attract and retain talent, promote skills development and increase performance

Each employee, according to Global Volunteer Policy, has 20 hours per year to develop volunteer activities. As part of this program, MSD collaborated in June with the First International Volunteer Week - an initiative organized by Forética and Fundar- providing employees the opportunity to participate with two foundations: Fundación Voluntarios por Madrid and Soñar Despierto.

This local program is part of the overall Volunteer program of the company, Merck 365 Days', an online platform of encounter between volunteers from across the company.

In MSD Spain CSR activities are coordinated by the Communication department that keeps a fluid line with the Department of Human Resources. portal was developed in order to provide employees a tool with which they can collaborate across different tasks with several NGOs.


Through the activities carried out until now, the company has built a closer relationship with the NGO Voluntarios por Madrid y Soñar Despierto, and works to expand the collaboration with other institutions.

Employees who have participated in voluntary activities have called the experience enriching and very positive.

A volunteer program serves to share experiences among the own country employees, as well as with other subsidiaries around the world. This also helps to increase the community and the volunteer network in the world.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

The launch of the local program coincided with MSD's participation in the First International Volunteer Week. Up to 25 employees of the company collaborated with the program.

Overall impact: an internal culture of volunteerism among employees has been created, which allowed us to increase the motivation of employees, providing charity projects to allow them to participate in an active way. The local volunteer program of MSD Spain encourages employees to suggest volunteer projects, helping to improve the public image of MSD among stakeholders and the community in which we operate

Our volunteer program is aligned fully with the CSR strategy of the Company.

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