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Morning Debate on “Aligning Business and Policy Action for Health Literacy”

Added on 25-03-2013

CSR Europe is pleased to announce a Morning Debate on  “Aligning Business and Policy Action for Health Literacy” on 27 March 2013.  The event is part of the Enterprise 2020 initative and focuses on the Collaborative project on Health Literacy.  It is hosted by Karin Kadenbach, Member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety of the European Parliament and by Jean Lambert, Member of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament.

Purpose of the event
  • To launch the first-ever Blueprint for Business Action on Health Literacy
  • To  explore synergies between businesses, EU institutions and health-related stakeholders in the area of health literacy and health promotion
  • To discuss the business case of health and wellbeing at work and to learn how health literacy can make a difference
Background information

In the context of the EU’s Europe 2020 strategy, CSR Europe launched in October 2010 the Enterprise 2020 initiative to highlight the contribution that businesses can make to achieve the EU goals for building a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy by delivering high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion by 2020.

Companies involved in the Enterprise 2020 Collaborative Project on Health Literacy are in the process of developing tools aimed at empowering employees by improving their knowledge in health and wellbeing. This project should contribute to healthier lifestyles in Europe and therefore increase productivity by supporting health knowledge and skills of employees and indirectly the wider communities. The Blueprint for Business Action on Health Literacy is a free toolbox accessible to all companies and organisations aiming to strengthen the health literacy of employees.