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More CEOs in Europe Support a New Deal for Europe

Friday, August 30, 2019

Over Summer, more than 100 new CEOs have endorsed CSR Europe’s Call to Action for an overarching Sustainable Europe 2030 Strategy. The count is now beyond 200 but we do not want to stop yet: your CEO has still the chance to endorse.  In the meantime, the Agenda proposed by the President Elect of the European Commission indicates that the Call will be well received. Endorse the Call Now


Now it is time to act. CEOs have time until 30 September to endorse the Call to Action for A New Deal for Europe: a Europe with a shared sustainable vision for its future. The CEOs want to drive the acceleration of sustainable growth, tackle climate change and create inclusive prosperity. More than 200 CEOs have already endorsed, elevating CSR Europe’s Call to the widest mobilisation of CEOs ever happened. 100 CEOs supported the Call at the Brussels SDG Summit in May, and by the end of August, the number more than doubled. Such numbers were made possible thanks to our National Partner Organisations (NPOs), who played a key role in disseminating the CEOs Call to Action in their networks.  

Why did so many CEOs endorse the Call? Because they recognise that only by joining forces companies will be able to innovate business models and accelerate the transformation necessary to tackle the current climate crisis in an inclusive way.

European policymakers are positively responding to CEOs’ direction for an overarching strategy for a Sustainable Europe by 2030. After the greenlights of the European Council in June, now it is the time of Ursula von der Leyen, President-Elect of the European Commission. In her Political Guidelines for the Next European Commission 2019-2024, she declared her intentions to “refocus the European Semester into an instrument that integrate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.” If this proposition were to become a reality, EU governments could expect to receive country-specific recommendations based on how well they are performing in the 17 SDGs. In this context, businesses will play a key role in providing innovative solutions to meet these challenges.

Also in the United State, major U.S. companies, who are members of the Business RoundTable, recently proposed a Statement of Purpose that was very well received by the press. However, CSR Europe’s Call goes beyond the corporate social responsibility approach and call for a more strategic engagement towards practical, innovative and collaborative action by companies, their industrial sectors and stakeholders together. The CEO Call for a New Deal for Europe is a cornerstone of the CSR Europe 2030 Strategy, uniting businesses to accelerate the SDG/climate change agenda from within Europe.

Endorse the Call Now

CEOs of every large, medium and small company are invited to join the Call to Action, by filling out this online form before 30 September 2019. The endorsement is free of charge and does not require a CSR Europe membership.

What to Expect Next?

At the beginning of December, CSR Europe will hand over the Call to the Presidents of the European Commission, Council, and Parliament. At the same time, CSR Europe will engage the signatories of the Call and their companies to develop a Sustainability European Industry Alliance to ensure that Europe’s industry becomes climate-neutral, circular and resource-efficient, with reliable access to low carbon energy and raw materials in a sustainable way.


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